StAR is a visual, in-depth analyses of your event data spanning multiple years and dimensions. StAR will provide significant insights into the behavior of your attendees and exhibitors to help you assess the gaps between supply and demand at your events. StAR is a powerful solution for strategic planning, that helps show executives and board members stay ahead of the curve.  

Key Benefits

  Back your recommendations to key stakeholders with a solid analysis.

  Make data-driven corrections and decisions regarding your event.


 Saves hundreds of hours needed for pulling reports, analyzing data and preparing detailed strategic reports.

“Events are affected by countless measurable variables. Finally getting a firm grip on this data quickly and seeing a panoramic view of your wins and losses instils a better degree of business confidence and adaptability as you plan for the future. With StAR, we’re able to focus on shrinking the actual margin between attendee and exhibitor expectations – and growing our actual margin for profit.”

Tim Chambers, Event Marketing Team Lead, Pennwell

“We are using the data presented in our StAR report to make decisions for the future of our show.”

Mark Bogdansky, Senior Director, Meetings and Events, Auto Care Association (ACA)
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