Hosted Buyer Program

Enable qualified buyers and sellers to engage in real business in a secure, fabulously managed environment. Take the guesswork and paperwork out of your hosted buyer program by matching registered buyers with appropriate suppliers using a2z’s automated matchmaking technology. Your event participants will maximize their ROI by receiving high quality appointments based completely on precise demographics data and your event-specific business logic.

Key Benefits

  Generate recommended matches for buyers using a2z’s powerful matching technology

  Eliminate manual work and streamline the scheduling process radically

  Improve the participants’ ROI and satisfaction levels from your hosted buyer program


 Increased attendee utilization and engagement = up to 50%

 Time saved in manual hosted buyer scheduling and updating = 50–100 hrs

"Using a2z’s hosted buyer solution was life changing. For a team of me, myself and I, it took so much weight off my shoulders. From the time that I picked up the phone to the time we finished, it was a stellar experience.”

Elizabeth Gooden, Marriott International
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