Technical Specifications

  • Platform: Microsoft .NET
  • Database: MS SQL Server 2014
  • Architecture: 3-tier architecture with independent Data Access Layer, Business Logic Layer, and User Interface Layer allows deployment of a2z solutions to other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, with modifications needed only in User Interface Layer
  • Security & Permissions: 2-Dimensional Role-based User Security Permissions. Control staff members' access to specific areas of the a2z system with different user security levels each with its own level of administrative control.

Exposition Management & Marketing

a2z offers a robust multi-event, multi-year system to meet a wide range of exposition management marketing needs.

Premium Digital Packages

Give your exhibitors a chance to create content-rich digital booths with expanded profile, categories, products, press releases and show specials, while generating additional revenue for you.

Custom Fields

Dramatically increase the power of the data collected and managed in your a2z system by creating custom fields for exhibitor, company and booth records.

Online Exhibit Contract Management

Maximize your sales by augmenting your “high-touch” selling, or completely automate the process, or any combination thereof.

Online Sponsorship Sales Management

With this great addition to the a2z suite of sales automation tools, sponsors can review available items and purchase them using a secure ecommerce portal.

Financial Management

Manage all aspects of your exhibitor and sponsor financial information with this powerful module.

Weekly Sales & Pacing Report

Let a2z deliver a comprehensive report that takes a typical show manager many hours each week to prepare.

EAC/EDC Management

This easy-to-use module allows you and your exhibitors to manage the exhibitor-appointed and exhibitor-designated companies

Conference Management & Marketing

Build and update your education, conference and other event content in real-time by adding, importing and editing track, session, sponsor and speaker data.

Website Design and Content Management

Build and host a cutting-edge event website using the a2z Website Design and Content Management module built on popular Bootstrap technology.

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Download as PDF